Review of: Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers

Submitted by: Eric Kessner

Created by Quarter Note Software
Type: Adventure/RPG
Price: Shareware $25
Overall Rating: **** (out of 5)

Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers is a new RPG for the Mac produced by Quarter Note Software.


First of all, this game is unique in that is departs from the normal genre of wizards, fighter, clerics and thieves killing orcs, etc. The game is based in Arabic legend and the characters are Princes/Princesses, Djin, Sufi, Bedouin and others. The storyline is quite well developed and interesting.

In JoA-D you take on the Role of a Prince or Princess who dreams of travelling with a band of "Adventurers" (for lack of a better term) to explore the land, become more powerful, solve a rather extensive set of mysteries and problems. The initial adventures can be played without registering the game and are quite extensive and self contained.


The interface is well thought out and reasonably easy to use with some minor problems (difficult to read a characters vitality when poisoned, only can find out about an item in the 'trade' screen on the receiver side, etc.), but overall is very well done. The storyboard windows are especially attractive.


This is a great game. I highly recommend you download (and register) it if you are at all interested in RPG/Adventure games. I am defintely looking forward to more games from Quarternote.


68040 or PowerPC w/ System 7.0 or greater. 640 x 480 256 color/grey monitor or better.