What people are saying about Frog Xing...

A great game. Does it have flashy graphics? Nup. But is it fun? Yup. Obviously a lot of time has gone into the gameplay. Definitely recommended. David Wareing, author of the arcade hit Swoop

I saw your game on the latest Inside Mac Games CD-ROM. I think it's a great rendition of the old Atari 2600 classic. Bob Mancarella, author of the popular Gopher Golf

My favorite game of all time was Frogger for the Commodore and then for Atari. Seeing your remake was like a dream come true. Lex

I'm not usually one to spend much time with arcade-type games, but I have to tell you that this one is great. Patrick G.

I like this game. Let me say thank you for your nice work. Akira I.

I have looked for Frogger for years. When I saw the title of your game on AOL, I hoped that this may be the one! It is! Thank you for making it available. Paul D.

Probably the best Frogger clone I've seen over the years. James H.

This is a simple game, easy to learn, but not as easy as it seems to win. It can also be very addicting. Cassie S.

I am a teacher in a special school in Perugia, Italy. It's a school for sick children (mostly child cancer). I found the demo version of your game "Frog Xing" and sent it through the network some days ago. Your game was soon a great success! Michele C.

My kids (and I) love your game. The music and sounds are terrific. Neil M.

I would like to give you the highest praise for this game; it is one of the most fun computer games I have ever owned. I have played it 2639 times since I first got it!