What people are saying about Jewel of Arabia...

I have played many RPG's in my lifetime, and I firmly believe JoA is the absolute best. Not too fancy, not too corney, not too many interuptions to the game, just pure excitement. You are dropped in a magical world, and allowed to do what ever you want. The world is huge, the characters are unique and many, and is well worth the registration. I never registered shareware before, but i'm glad I registered JoA. Jake M.

You guys did a wonderful job. Jewel of Arabia is definetly one of the better RPG games I've played on the mac, both in terms of style of the engine and enjoyability of the gameplay. Thanks for the great game! (although my gpa won't be thanking you anytime soon. ;P) Aaron F.

I have greatly enjoyed playing your new game, Jewel of Arabia. Thank you so much for putting such loving care into the flavor of the game! It is a relief to see a rich world realized that bears no resemblance to the standard pseudo-medieval rpg. The conversations are especially well-done, with lots of complex threads to follow. Congratulations all round. Joshua M.

All in all, the departures from the Ultima-style RPG norm seem to be quite well executed. Also, while the initial loading time felt a little long, it was more than made up for by the speediness of the game itself. Changing maps and loading saved games, usually the most annoying speed bottlenecks, are amazingly fast. Bravo! Ben P.

JoAD is a really cool game. I have been enjoying it immensely. I have not had so much fun since I played Exile a few years back. I even registered the game before I had gotten any character to level 2. Brent H.

I'd just like to say that this is the best RPG out there for the mac. Not even Fallout surpasses Jewel. I'm definately going to register once I finish the shareware part. David M.

Wonderful game you made, Jewel of Arabia. I registered it the day I found it and have been playing it happily since. Keep up the great work =) Naomi S.

I've been playing Jewel of Arabia off and on for the past couple of nights and so far I like it a lot, though I find it a little difficult. Definitely a very polished game, surprisingly polished for a 1.0 release. I realy love the fact that it's set in an alternative milieu too, I have seen enough orcs to last me a lifetime ;-) Kudos to the developers! David H.

I just want to say that i can play this game for hours straight! I love it! You did an excellent job on it. Now hurry up and send me the registration so i can play more =) Sick Boy

First of all I love JoA and wanted to thank your team for producing an excellent product. Eric K.

A neat game - but pretty tough. The random encounters are certainly very frequent. Mark W.

Jewel is turning into a great game, now I'm past the beginning - even by constant fighting, my party could barely keep themselves in food, let alone buy the equipment they needed to survive. But I'm up to level 4 and Persopolis now, and still going... Keep up the good work! Joanna E.

I just finished Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers, and I thought it was a terrific game. Eric S.

Thank you for your time and for creating such a great story. Lee C.

I would like to congradulate you and yours on the development of great new game for the Mac. John P.

Dreamers: Jewel of Arabia: An absolutely magnificent contribution to the RPG genre! Erik O.

This is for the wife; Karen. She LOVES it! Wes H.

Super Game - I hope there will be add-ons available. John R.

It looks to be a beautifully crafted game. Peter F.

Fun Game, far more addictive than I thought it would be. Joe K.

This game is too addictive! Lise M.

What an awesome game! =) Jennifer H.

Great Game! Worth the money just for the music! Thanks. Jamie A.

I love Jewel! Jason W.