Quarter Note Software developers

James Shaw

James grew up out in the middle of nowhere, and started programming his Apple //e when he was 14 years old in order to keep himself sane. His hobby eventually led him to pursue a Bachelor's Degree and then a Master's Degree and finally a PhD in Computer Science. In spite of all this education, James still loves to program. He is currently developing another new shareware game in his spare time. James likes to hear from people who enjoy playing his games, so if you have some comments, please send him some email.

Diane Wirth

Diane started college back in that fateful year of 1984 and wrote her very first computer program in MacPascal. Diane uses her computer mostly to doodle on and to write the kinds of games that she likes to play. When she's not sitting in front of her computer, staring at the screen and wondering why on earth she ever got started and why she can't stop, she enjoys reading the newspaper and taking long walks with her dog. Diane's hero is Modesty Blaise and if she ever grows up, that's who she wants to be. To say hi, just send her some email.

Jason Rainbows

Jason was born in a barn in Dorrance, Pennsylvania, first day of summer, 1959. He started fiddling with computers in Rochester, NY, in 1984 with a (then) state-of-the-art MacPlus which still smiles when you turn it on. He was murdered in 1995 and reanimated by Haitian priests. Presently he's residing in sunny Sarasota, Florida and doing his part to further technological advancements on the internet. "I love the Earth, (but I hate Jupiter) and Reality is just a badly acted theatrical drama put on merely for my amusement. Ultimate goal: World Domination." To find out more about Jason, go over and have a look at his web page.

Jeff Jetton

As a kid, Jeff was influenced by two things: his elementary school's computer terminal, and his parents' Ray Charles and Jerry Lee Lewis records. The former led to his first home computer, a Timex/Sinclair 1000, and the latter led to piano lessons. For a short time he pursued a dual major in music synthesis and music production at Berklee College of Music, then he changed his mind and decided to be a math major at the University of Massachusetts. Yet another change of mind landed him in Nashville, where he claims to be a musician. Jeff is especially fond of arcade games and composed the music and sound effects for Frog Xing and Prometheus. He would love it if you were to stop by his home page and say howdy.

Rob Henrichon

Rob Henrichon creates custom sounds at his studio in York Harbor, Maine. He founded his own sound design company, On Track Productions, and his sounds have been featured in films, on TV, and now in Quarter Note Software's role-playing game, Jewel of Arabia. If you like the sounds in the game, or if you are looking for someone to design sounds for your own project, drop Rob a line of email.


Quarter Note Software is proud to introduce our newest "pack" member, Jalana. Jalana is a beautiful yellow labrador retriever puppy that we are raising to become a Guide Dog for the Blind. Quarter Note Software will sponser Jalana until she is a year and a half, at which time she will return to the Guide Dogs campus and begin her formal training. Jalana likes to hang around the Quarter Note offices, and she loves food, dogs, and people, in roughly that order.