Jewel of Arabia official Hint Guide available

A comprehensive Hint Guide is now available with Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers. This guide contains advice and hints to help guide you through the game. We wrote the guide with care, and while it contains a lot of useful information, it helps you solve the puzzles yourself, rather than just blurt out the answers. The official Hint Guide costs just $5.

Jewel of Arabia player tips

The following extremely useful tables and advice were provided by Brent Heustess (

For those of you who want to max out your Jewel of Arabia score, and make sure that you "see it all", Nancy Thuleen ( has kindly provided this very detailed list of all the steps you must take to get a perfect 800/800 score. Way to go Nancy!

Who has the Staff Stone I need?

It seems that the hardest part of the Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers game is getting all the staff stones. I had to ask for help myself. I have not included specific directions, just the names of the stones & which races have them. I have also included a list of animals & meditations.

The order of the staff stones is:

AmethystHumanstart game with it
Lapis LazuliSatyravailable in freeware portion
TurquoiseTrogin a place partially inaccessible in freeware portion
JadeEquinepick a side
PearlMinosonly available after getting Jade staff stone
IvorySandmenonly available after getting Jade staff stone
RubyShahnaDon't forget the sage

The Turquoise staff stone and above are only available in the registered portion of the game. There is a corresponding turban stone for each spell level. Turban stones cut mana costs in half for that level of spell. High level (Jade and beyond) turban stones are usually only available in the Djinn city and are quite expensive (and not in mere gold).

Where can I get a better animal?

The animal companions available are:

Monkeystart with it
Hawkget in Persepolis, available in freeware portion
Saluki (dog)pay to get after you kill River Spirit King
Cobratalk to person (near a bazaar) who is not in a building
Donkeytrade lost carpet for it
Cheetahkill Scourge of Barbary for it
Camelbuy it in Nineva
Elephantget after special quest
Tigeronly a result of a specific critical spell failure
Frog ???only a result of a specific spell success ???

Where can I learn more Meditations?

Here is a list of all 10 meditations:

Dream WalkNineva100% required to complete game
Endure DamageWajid the Marabou
Heal InjuryRhagaeno more red potions !!!
Mind ShieldWajid the Marabou
Purge PoisonPersepolisavailable in freeware portion
Rejuvinate StaminaIbriziaavailable in registered portion
Restore VitalityIbriziaavailable in freeware portion
Walk on CoalsWajid the Marabou

Jewel of Arabia World Table

I have divided the map into several sections for ease of description. The divisions are not 100% accurate, especially in the desert. It is hard to locate places in the desert.

North West Mountains
  • Rhagae
    • Palace
    • Temple (Heal Injury meditation)
    • Bazaar: Food, Armor, Clothes, Weapons, Jewelry, Potions
    • Well
    • Courthouse (Judge)
    • Inn of Silken Slumber
    • Constantine's (Bar)
    • Ghani the Merchant
    • Silk Farm
  • Hidden Mountain Valley
    • Mountain Village
      • Sheik
      • Well
      • Bazaar: Food, Water containers
    • Majid the Marabou
    • dry well
    • abandoned mine shaft
  • Bandit Lair (Black Hand)
  • QumQum's Palace
Northern Fertile Valley
  • Ibrizia
    • Palace
    • Temple (Unregistered: Restore Vitality meditation, Registered: Rejuvinate Stamina)
    • Bazaar: Clothes, Potions, Weapons, Food, Armor, Light Sources
    • Well
    • Inn of Still Water (fight bandits)
    • Twenty Twigs Tavern (deliver wine order)
  • Small Farm (info on Satyr)
  • Small Farm (River King quest, saluki)
  • Mining Camp (fight trogs)
North East Mountains
  • Trog Caverns (Turquoise staff stone in registered version)
Great Western River
  • Satyr Camp
  • Gabae
    • Town Hall
    • Bazaar: Clothes, Armor, Food
    • Well
    • Inn (not open)
  • Mino Fort
Central Fertile Valley
  • Swamp
    • Swamp Shrine
Great Eastern River
  • Chaldea
    • Palace
    • Temple (Fast meditation)
    • Bazaar: Weapons, Clothes, Jewelry, Food, Armor (closed), Light Sources
    • Well
    • Inn of the Crescent Moon
    • Snake charmer
    • Statue of Alexander the Great
    • Library
    • Purple Rose Tea & Coffee House
  • Trog Caverns
  • Shepherdess
  • Wolf Caverns
Western Farm Lands
  • Satyr Village
  • Burned Satyr village
  • Lapis Lazuli Mine
Southern Fertile Valley
  • Persepolis
    • Palace
    • Temple (Unregistered: Purge Poison meditation)
    • Bazaar: Armor, Food, Clothes, Water Containers, Jewelry, Weapons
    • Well
    • Inn of Dreamless Sleep
    • Falconer
    • Pen & Sword Coffee House
    • Waseefa
    • The Magic Lute
Eastern Farm Lands
  • Valley of the Horses
    • Expansionist Camp
    • Preservationist Camp
    • NE Equine village
      • Bazaar: Weapons, Food, Musical Instruments
    • SW Equine village
      • Bazaar: Jewelry, Armor, Food
  • Mulkalla
    • City Hall (lost child quest)
    • Temple (Orchard quest)
    • Bazaar: Potions, Food
    • Well
  • Sacred Orchard
  • Zargos Mountains Pass
North West Edge of Desert
  • Mino Weapon's Cave
Northern of Desert North East Edge of Desert
  • Tower (where you enter registered portion)
  • Oasis
West Edge of Desert
  • Port Zanzibar
    • Tavern
    • Bazaar: Weapons, Food, Armor
    • Well
Central Desert
  • Shabaaz
    • BufBuf (sells magic items)
    • BulBul (magic carpet rides)
    • Well
  • Mirage with coins from Jamshyd
East Edge of Desert
  • Arak
  • Akkadia
  • Abajan
    • Palace (not open)
    • Temple of the Beni-Dasht
    • Bazaar: Water Containers, Food, Armor, Potions
    • Well
    • Inn of Eternity
  • Unknown Tower
  • Dream Terrain
South West Edge of Desert
  • Hidden Pirate Cave
  • New Alexandria
Southern Desert
  • Nineva
    • Palace
    • Temple (Dream Walk meditation)
    • Bazaar: Potions, Clothes, Water Containers, Armor, Food, Weapons
    • Well
    • Whispering Sands Inn
    • Thirsty Camel Tavern
South East Edge of Desert
  • Oasis
South West Coast
  • Basara
    • Palace
    • Temple (Levitate meditation)
    • Bazaar: Jewelry, Weapons, Food, Clothes, Light Sources, Armor
    • Well
    • Seven Palms Inn
    • Sailor's Cover Tavern/Inn
    • Shadow of the Flame Tavern
  • Lighthouse
Southern Coast
  • Pirate Caves
South East Coast
  • Shahna Outpost
  • Shahna Village
  • Dream Terrain

Jewel of Arabia Score Table

Yay! I finally got a perfect score in Jewel of Arabia! It took a while, but eee! And since I had tried so hard to figure out all of the points (I played about 4 times completely through the game), I figured there may be a few other people who might appreciate a breakdown of what all the points are for. (This is with version 1.2, but I don't think the points have changed since the first version.) So, without further ado other than to warn of **SPOILERS** to those who might be bothered, here's my list:

Kill robbers in inn (I)44
Deliver scroll to Loulou (P)48
Get scepter from old nurse (P)513
Get Father's Sword from Hafeez (P)619
Rescue Seekers from Swamp Temple625
Learn restore vitality meditation (I)1035
Explore/Clear Trog caves (near I)540
Get reward from Vazier (near I)545
Return scepter to mountain village (Mtns)1055
Learn Purge Poison Meditation (P)1065
Get Layla (falcon) (P)570
Satyr encounter, spare Tumnus (near Swamp)474
Talk to Satyr leader, get Lapis Staff Stone1589
Story of unfortunate thief (P)11100
Tower -- finish shareware portion15115
Find uncle asleep (P)5120
Learn Rejuvenate Stamina Meditation (I)10130
Deliver Lute to Jawher (C)5135
Find Shamshir asleep (C)5140
Get Ramses (cobra) (C)5145
Explore/Clear wolf caves (near C)16161
Explore/Clear Trog caves (near C)15176
Take Sword of Alexander (near C)5181
Learn Fasting Meditation (C)10191
Explore all of Trog caves (near I)15206
Get Turqoise Staff Stone (near I)20226
Kill River Spirit King (near I)16242
Get Saluki (dog) (near I)5247
Find Reshman asleep (R)5252
Kill Black Hand Leader (near R)10262
Find Black Hand treasure (near R)5267
Find Sword of Darius (near R)4271
Get Nestor (donkey) (R)5276
Learn Heal Injury Meditation (R)10286
Karima Quest, Talk to Dur (R,I)5291
Bring horse to Karima (R)9300
Find Shield of Darius in Hidden Cove5305
Go to New Alexandria9314
Protect Judge Hakam, kill Pasha (R)10324
Survive Trial of Fate (R)15339
Get Tusker (elephant)5344
Find Hob asleep (B)5349
Learn Levitate Meditation (B)10359
Find 3 pirate coves, Sash of Xerxes (near B)15374
Find other 3 pirate coves (near B)15389
Kill Scourge of Barbary (near B)21410
Get Cheetah (B)5415
Find Gulestan asleep (N)5420
Learn Dream Walk Meditation (N)10430
Buy Camel (N)5435
Find Red Clover (Zargos Mtns)11446
Sacred Grove quest (Mulkalla)11457
Leave donation for orphans (Mulkalla)4461
Defend Equine girl from wolves (Mulkalla)4465
Defend Equine lovers from wolves (valley)5470
End Equine Civil War, get Jade Stone (valley)25495
Defend Gabae (G)5500
Reconnaissance of Mino fort (G)9509
Get food for Gabae (G)10519
Rescue Satyr miners (G)10529
Return to Gabae, get Star of Valor (G)6535
Get Weapons from secret Mino cache (G)10545
Attack Mino Garrison, get Lapis Turban Stone (G)15560
Find Pearl Staff Stone in Garrison (G)15575
Rekindle Swamp Flame for Wajid10585
Learn Walk on Coals Meditation (Mtns)10595
Learn Endure Damage Meditation (Mtns)10605
Learn Mind Shield Meditation (Mtns)10615
Retrieve tapestry from Arak for Abajan5620
Retrieve murals from Akkadia for Abajan10630
Kill Black Magus in tower for Abajan6636
Get Ivory Staff Stone from Abajan29665
Try to enter Shahna Camp5670
Have animal turned to tiger by Shahna5675
Find Zarina in Oasis5680
Talk to QumQam, get Hookah5685
Return to Zarina, get Ruby Staff Stone15700
Rescue Shamshir from Dream20720
Rescue Reshman from Dream20740
Rescue Hob from Dream20760
Rescue Gulestan from Dream20780
Rescue Uncle Naaz from Dream20800