Jewel Game: JewelDrops Deluxe - Match Columns of Jewels

JewelDrops Deluxe is one of the most mesmerizing games ever conceived. It is similar to Tetris, but based on the game Columns by Sega. During play, you manipulate jewel triplets to form horizontal, vertical, and diagonal runs of jewels as they drop down the gamefield. The game starts with a leisurely pace and becomes steadily more challenging as you play on. As you increase through the game's levels, you encounter new kinds of jewels and bonuses, all while the pacing slowly increases, keeping the pressure on.

JewelDrops Deluxe takes Tetris- and Columns-styled games to a new level of sophistication. With a hypnotic score, strategic new bonuses, expertly-crafted gameplay, and stunning graphics, this will quickly become one of your favorite arcade/puzzle games.

Registering JewelDrops Deluxe (Shareware)

JewelDrops Deluxe is distributed as shareware and when you register your copy, you will be able to:

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