Jewel of Arabia is a captivating world where role-playing comes to life. Dreamers, the first game in this saga, takes you back to the original myths and legends which have inspired all of human civilization. The time is 250 BC and the empire conquered by Alexander the Great a century before has fallen apart.

Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers is a compelling and original world you will explore with a party of adventurers drawn from fascinating new character classes. Journey with the unarmed and mystical Sufi, the elusive and deadly Hash-shashin, and the legendary, immortal Djinn. In Dreamers, you will find a world populated with all new races, inspired from the folk tales of the land. Join forces with the beleaguered Satyr, fighting off the aggressive and newly-arrived Mino. Take a side in the bitter civil war dividing the Equine and help end their bloody destruction. And meet the tragic and fatal Sandman civilization, a once great society facing greivous ruin.

Jewel of Arabia: Dreamers is a beautiful game with stunning graphics drawn in a Warcraft-like 3D top view. Jewel of Arabia is driven by the powerful Genesis Engine™ which includes:

With dozens of caverns and cities to explore, a multitude of monsters to fight, and many people to meet and talk to, Dreamers will entertain, enthrall, and inspire you.

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